Prototype 2: “I want to get married”

What we were tasked to do:

During the past week, the team has been frantically trying to brainstorm ideas and concepts to make a prototype for a scripted marriage proposal. Our team was tasked with creating a scripted level sequence for our second Game Design prototype that followed the viral video given to us by our professor.

The viral video in question, was a live lip dub of Bruno Mars’ Marry You for the bride to be. Here is the video:

How we approached it: Picking the Song

We tried to keep the same charm as the video by incorporating both its themes and upbeat attitude. Our level design was one of our best features as it lent itself to a surprise ending when we revealed the secret message, “Marry Me?”

The group spent a significant amount of time trying to decide on a song for our video. In the end it was agreed upon to use Foo Fighter’s song, Everlong. We chose this song because it had a great carrying rhythm and beat which our car ride sequence could travel along to as well as a heartfelt lyrics which fit the level’s benevolent atmosphere. Furthermore, the varied musical tones during the chorus allowed us to be visually creative, reflective in both our animations and particle systems.

Creating the setting:

Calvin then started with the idea of modelling a city, where the streets would eventually spell out “Marry Me?” After modelling a city landscape, it was decided it looked too industrial and cluttered, where we were trying to convey a humble and warm mood. Thus, Calvin had to scrap the model using city apartments and skyscrapers. In the end, Calvin decided to approach modelling the setting and scene after a small quiet suburb/neighborhood to give the homely, humble and warm feeling the video should be conveying.

In the scene model, it starts in a court of houses, travelling through the neighborhood in twists and turns, going through straights of forests and finally ending at a church. The camera was then scripted to pan out to give a sky view of the entire scene.

Aids for conveying mood: Particle Effects:

In addition to the setting, we wanted to have lots of visual stimulants to keep interest in the scene. The “eye candy” should continue to support and convey the target mood of the video, ones that relate to a proposal and marriage. Jason, Derek, and Jamie started to work on creating particle effects that could be used effectively in the scene. They would support and play a crucial role in giving viewers an interesting a emotional experience.

Putting it all together: Scripting:

We wrote a a bunch of scripts. The most important ones being the AI and Timer scripts. They allowed us to sync up our entire scene with the music as well as add some nice visual effects to the AI. It helped us sew all of our assets and element together to create a scene that conveyed heartwarming emotions and the excitement related to proposals/marriage.


Overall we are very pleased with the outcome and how it all turned out. It came out as we planned for and we hope it was enjoyed as well. We will hopefully upload a video later.


2 thoughts on “Prototype 2: “I want to get married”

  1. […] In this blog post, I will be discussing the aspects which I worked on. A full write up on the prototype can be found at the following link: […]

  2. […] In this blog post, I will be discussing the aspects which I worked on. A full write up on the prototype can be found at the following link: […]

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